Broom Broom by Brecken Hancock

Brecken Hancock

Brecken Hancock's poetry, essays, interviews, and reviews have been published or are forthcoming in Best Canadian Poetry in English, Best American Experimental Writing, Papirmass, Lemon Hound, The Globe & Mail, Hazlitt, and on the site Canadian Women in the Literary Arts. Her first book of poems, Broom Broom (Coach House, 2014), won the Trillium Book Award for Poetry, was named by The Globe & Mail's Jared Bland as a debut of the year, and appeared on a number of year-end best-book lists, including the National Post, All Lit Up, and BookThug's Best Reads. She lives in Ottawa.



Broom Broom. Toronto: Coach House Books.2014


The Art of Plumbing. Ottawa: above/ground press.2013
Strung. Saskatoon: JackPine Press.2005


Husha. Ottawa: above/ground press.2013

Recent Publications

"Notes to Historia Thermæ." Sunday Poetry with Coach House Books. 10 May. 2015
"Mom's Sisters' Daughters". All Lit Up. 13 Apr. 2015
"Her Quiet Not Quite Not Her. Papirmass. 63. 2015
Four Poems. Lemon Hound. 14 Apr. 2014
"Winter, Frontal Lobe." The Globe and Mail. 12 Apr. 2014
"Evil Brecken." Hazlitt. 18 Feb. 2014
"Lake Effect." DUSIE: Tuesday Poem. 45. 2014
"Mount Sapo."Riddle Fence. 15. 2013
Three poems. Event 41.3. 2013
Three poems. Ottawater 9. 2013


Forthcoming 2015"Evil Brecken." Best Canadian Poetry in English. Toronto: Tightrope Books.

Forthcoming 2015"The Art of Plumbing." Best American Experimental Writing. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press.

Three Poems. The Hoodoo You Do So Well. Orono, Ont.: littlefishcartpress. 2007


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Forthcoming 2015"15 Minutes with Brecken Hancock." She Does the City.

2015Interview with Nicole Chin. Papirmass. March 9.

2015Interview with Pearl Pirie. Literary Landscapes. CKCU FM 93.1. Feb 19.

2015"Going back into the tangle." Interview with Lesley Strutt. Ottawater. Jan. 26.

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Critical Work

2015 "Poetry that Sets Broken Bones: Reading Lucas Crawford’s 'Airplane Lavatory Algebra.'" Line Break: the subTerrain blog of art and poetry. 28 May.

2015 Interview with Lee Maracle. Canadian Women in the Literary Arts.

2014"Some thoughts on reading 'An Interview with Larissa Lai.'" Canadian Women in the Literary Arts.

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2013Interview with Lisa Robertson. Canadian Women in the Literary Arts.

2013"Ghosts in the Rough: Kerri Reid and Tyler Brett's Signs of Life." Catalogue Essay. The ODD Gallery. Dawson City, Yukon. June 27-July 27.

2013Interview with Sue Sinclair, CWILA Critic-in-Residence. Canadian Women in the Literary Arts.

2013Interview with Alana Wilcox, Editorial Director, Coach House Books. Canadian Women in the Literary Arts.

2013 Rev. of Gillian Wigmore's The Dirt of Ages. Arc. 70.

2007 “Taking a Walk with Judith Thompson: Flânerie Tames the Lion in the Streets.” Studies in Canadian Literature 32.1: 26-40.

Recent and Upcoming Events

2015 Jason Collett's Basement Review at Luminato. Brecken Hancock, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Snowblink, Torquil Campbell, Leslie Feist. Toronto, ON.

2015 Creative Keynote Address. University of Toronto Graduate Student Conference: Memory, Memorialization, and Forgetting. Toronto, ON.

2015 Common Readings (at The Belljar). Toronto, ON.

2015 HIJ House Reading Series: Brecken Hancock, Jacob Wren, and Grace O'Connell. Toronto, ON.

2015 Brecken Hancock, Naomi K. Lewis, and Rod Moody-Corbett at Pages. Calgary, AB.

2015 Brecken Hancock and Fred Wah. A B Series. Ottawa, ON. 27 Feb.

2015"Our Lives of No Interest: Memoir and Confession in Poetry." Tree Seed Workshop. Ottawa, ON. 13 Jan.

2014Brecken Hancock at The Creative Space. Laurentian University—Université Laurentienne Alumni Association. Barrie, ON. 23 Sept.

2014Pivot's Return on September 17th: Brecken Hancock, Dani Couture, Adam Sol, & Rob Winger. Pivot Readings at the Press Club. Toronto, ON. 17 Sept.

2014Domestic Chaos: readings from Broom Broom and Between rethink marriage, motherhood, and desire. Brecken Hancock and Angie Abdou. Type Books. Toronto, ON. 16 Sept.

2014The High Park Reading Festival. With 54 Poets. Toronto, ON. 6 Sept.

2014Brecken Hancock with guests Alison Calder, Ariel Gordon, and Luann Hiebert. McNally Robinson Booksellers. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2014Brecken Hancock, Sarah Lang, and Shawna Lemay. Audreys Books. Edmonton, Alberta.

2014 Brecken Hancock and Adrienne Gruber. Amigos Cantina. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

2014Ottawa International Writers Festival. Plan 99 Poetry Cabaret. With Aisha Sasha John. Ottawa, Ontario.

2014Tree Reading Series. With Camille Martin. Ottawa, Ontario.

2014Coach House Spring Launch. With Sina Queyras, André Alexis, Jen Currin, and Rhonda Mullins. Toronto, Ontario.